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Pro-Force & Practical Ethics

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Pro-Force are proud to announce we will be partnering with Shayne Tyler and Jane Bladon’s consultancy, Practical Ethics. Practical Ethics will work extensively within our business, enabling Pro-Force to further identify and mitigate risks to our business and workers as our global supply chain develops.

Shayne brings over 20 years’ experience in ethical leadership, promoting health, safety and worker welfare across a range of diverse business groups. Shayne will support Pro-Force in assessing and monitoring our labour supply chain, as well as improving and promoting our worker protection mechanisms.

Jane has extensive experience in ensuring compliance with regulatory and ethical standards in the recruitment industry, supplying to a variety of different sectors. Jane’s knowledge and skill will allow Pro-Force to further strengthen our internal compliance structure, through reviewing existing auditing methodology and setting out a plan for continuous improvement.  

We welcome Shayne and Jane into the Pro-Force Group and look forward to working together for the benefit of our colleagues, clients, and first and foremost, our workers.