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2021 Associate Feedback Surveys

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2021 Associate Feedback Surveys​

Given that compliance is central to everything that Pro-Force does, the business has regularly surveyed over 8,000 workers that it has recruited for the UK government’s seasonal worker pilot (SWP) in 2021.

Pro-Force’s efforts have focused around three surveys: one that asks about the experience during recruitment, one that asks about the working experience, and finally, one upon departure.

In summary, the results have been very positive. For example, 83% of respondents either strongly agreed or agreed that they were provided with good information during the recruitment process.​


97% either strongly agree or agree that they have a good understanding of their job and what is required of them.​


88% either strongly agree or agree that they have access to suitable and hygienic kitchen and sanitary facilities in their accommodation.​


Naturally, there are some learning points to take away. For example, 68% of workers either strongly agree or agree that they are provided with enough working hours each week.​


​Pro-Force will be working closely with our farming clients to ensure that, wherever possible, changes are made to the extent that workers feel like they’re receiving a sufficient number of hours work. Though it is worth nothing that despite Pro-Force requiring growers to ensure workers are offered at least 32 hours every week, workers generally consider a minimum of 40 hours per week to be ‘enough’. Workers on the SWP have a maximum stay of 26 weeks to earn, hence consider every week as vital.

What’s more, 74% of respondents either strongly agreed or agreed that maintenance issues or problems with their accommodation were fixed quickly. Though Pro-Force has a robust internal auditing process as well as an independent third party audit on accommodation, it will work closely with farming clients to ensure that a higher proportion of workers report feeling satisfied in this respect.


Though pleasingly, 92% of workers reported that they would recommend working with Pro-Force in the UK to a friend.​

In summary, the results of the surveys are pleasing, in that 76%, 82% and 84% of respondents respectively answered either that they strongly agree or agree with the statements in the recruitment, work and departure surveys. Pro-Force never rests on its laurels, hence will continue to work hard to drive scores even higher, in order to demonstrate that it is the compliance leader between SWP providers.